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Queen's University
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 106
John Hanes

GEOL 106: Lecture 17 February 27,2013 How can the “solid” mantle convect like a liquid?  Mantle: lithosphere + asthenosphere  Plate tectonics say that the mantle is liquid (it convects)  But, seismic studies say that the mantle is solid o Both are right o Think of the mantle as silly putty  The mantle, although solid, convects plastically  Behaves like silly putty (elastico-plastic behaviour)  With slow stress application over long geologic time, mantle is “liquid”  Rocks can flow like liquids although they are solids Theory of Plate Tectonics  1. The outer part of Earth consists of a number of rigid lithospheric plates o Plate boundaries are marked by earthquakes and volcanoes o Plates are approx. 100 thick o As though the outer 200 km is like a cracked egg shell  2. The plates slide about on the plastic asthenosphere beneath them o at rates of several cm per year (rate of fingernail growth)  3. Almost all igneous and “tectonic” (ex. Mountain building) activity is localized along plate margins Types of plate boundaries: o Constructive: pull apart like “normal dipslip faults” o Destructive: come together like “reverse dipslip faults” o Transform: slide past one another like “strike slip faults” 1. Constructive/ divergent: new plates are formed and o Upwelling part of the convective cycle o New lithospheric plates are produced and move apart o Constructs new lithospheric plates and moves apart o Convection cells go up (like silly putty – solid material acting like a liquid) o As it goes up, it melts a bit, where the lithosphere is infinitely thing, getting thicker as you move away from the crack o New ocean crust produced  If new plates pull apart, the ocean opens up bigger and bigger (i.e. Atlantic Ocean is getting bigger) o What if the hot mantle up-wells under a continent?  It can split a continent apart (ex. East Africa) o Mid-ocean ridges: World’s greatest mountain range. Underwater, there are mountain ranges along the oceans of the world seafloor in the middle of the ocean between different continents (ex. South America and Africa)  Ex. Red Sea, Mid-Atlantic Ridge (oceans open!) 2. Destructive Plate Margin  Down-going part of the convective cycle  Lithosphe
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