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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 106
David Alan Hanes

Volcanic Risk Continued How to Determine the Recurrence History of a Stratovolcano? -By carbon 14 dating of buried, burnt wood Ash Hazards -Airborn ash gets into airplane engines and damages/stops them -Thin ashfall layer (10-15 cm) can cause roof to collapse, especially if water is present -Very thin ashfall layer (less than 1cm) can disrupt agriculture -Intake of ash affects industry (hydroelectric and nuclear power stations) -Human health hazard (inhalation, suffocation) -Atmosperic effects of ash cloud Effects of Tambora Eruption (Ash Cloud) -Highest asking price for a sack of flour (shillings): 1814 June: 65 Nov 68 1815 June 65 Nov 58  year of eruption 1816 June 75 Nov 105 1817 June 120 Nov 80 -In 1816 AD: Famine in Europe Mary Shelley writ
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