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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 106
David Alan Hanes

Mass Wasting and Slope Stability (Continued) -For a particular slope that you are worried about, carry out a safety factor analysis 1. Slope steepness This determines the Probability of failure of that slope (Ph) -Safety factor: a measure of stability of the slope Safety factor= (resisting force)/(driving force) SF=N/T -W=weight, N=resisting force, T=driving force. The longer T gets, the shorter S gets until angle alpha get to 90 and N will equal zero -sin(alpha)=T/W -cos(alpha)=N/W 2. Nature of the material -Soil/aggregates (loose stuff, debris), or solid rock/ice -How much friction? -how much internal strength? -Normal stress vs shear stress (Review GEOL 104) -S is directly proportional to N; the bigger N is, the bigger S will be -Phi=agnle of internal friction, C=cohesion -Tan(phi)=a/b (opposite over adjacent)=the slope of the hypoteneuse, or slope of the line Tan(phi)= coefficient of internal friction -C and than(phi) characterize the strength of the material; it is a straight line! -So, the strength is C+(N*tan(phi)) But, repla
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