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GEOL 106 Lecture Notes - Asteroid Family, Ecological Footprint, Arsenic

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Course Code
GEOL 106

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11-11-22 8:38 PM
Readings In Textbook
Chapter 1 : pages 2-9
pages 15-26
Do your Ecological Footprint
how many earths would it take to support the whole population at your level
of affluence?
Risk Analysis and Risk Management
- We carry this out in order to minimize damage from Hazards Disasters and
- Need to define all these terms
- Hazard - Something which may cause harm to people
(death/injury/property damage)
- Ex. Landslides, Snow, Avalanches
- They are both
a) natural hazards
b) anthropogenic hazards
- a) and b) are both intertwined
There are landslides on Mars
- Is there a Hazard from martian landslides?
- Yes we have human hazard on mars.. if land rover is damaged tax money
goes to land rover instead of health care and support of us
Distinguish between Hazard vs. Resource
- Resource - something that is useful to us
- Hazard - Something which may cause harm to people …..
" all substances are poison; there is none which is not a poison. The right
dose differentiates a poison from a remedy" - Paracelsus ( 1492 - 1541 ad )
Poison -> Hazard Remedy -> Resource
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