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GEOL 106 Lecture Notes - Risk Perception, Truism

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Course Code
GEOL 106

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Readings From Textbook
- Chapter 2 Earthquakes
Jan 17, 2011 -Brazilian Mudslides claim 610 lives
-Flooding continues in Australia
Due to our ecologic footprint we are considered unsustainable
Resource : Something that is useful to us
Hazard : Something which may cause harm to people ( death. injury.
property damage )
Important Note : After a hazard event there are both LOSES and
- Some people lose and some people gain
Like a storm. Construction workers are getting paid.
physical damage to property
Stress inconvenience post recovery illness
Donated Act
Gain of Business
(Just know gain, loses , things like that)
Earthquake in haiti. The quake may have cracked rock but it also
allowing gas or oil to temporarily seep towards the surface.
When does a (Hazard event)
- Become a disaster?
- Become a catastrophe?
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