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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 106

To locate the quake focus: • Need a minimum of 3 seismometer stations Where do earthquakes occur? • At what depth? o Less than 700 km o 90% are less than 100 km deep o Note: radius of earth is 6370 km Why do earthquakes only occur in the outer 10% of the earth? • Only the outer part of the earth is rigid enough (ie. Sufficiently ELASTIC) to experience BRITTLE FAILURE (fault formation) • Deeper on the earth it is to PLASTIC (or liquid?) How do we estimate energy released from a Quake? • 1. “Measure” the Intensity o based on observed damage (eg. The Mercalli Scale) o Subjective o Varies with distance from epicenter • 2. Measure the Richter Magnitude o a quantitative measure of energy released  determined from the maximum s-wave amplitude
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