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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 106

Readings from textbook • Chapter 2 Earthquakes and From chapter 9 – Section on Tsunami Pages 259 to 267 What exactly causes the damage? • 1. Surface Faulting o Structures on the fault will be disrupted by the tearing motion o So don’t build right on ACTIVE faults  But people do! Eg. San Francisco, and other parts of San Andreas fault • 2. Ground Shaking o this is generally the greatest threat to buildings and people o in a big earthquake, the shaking can be severe even 100’s ok kilometers away from the epicenter o The amount of shaking also depends on the nature of the soil/rocks in the area  Soft soils (eg. Clays ) shake more than ….  Stiff soils (eg sand) which skakes more than….  Rock  EG, Loma Prieta earthquake near San Francisco (1989)  EG. 1985 Earthquake near Acapulco, Mexico City In general • 1. The closer you are to the quake, the greater the damage … and…. • 2. The greater the magnitude of the quake, the greater the damage But-> this is modified by natural and anthropogenic conditions • Natural : nature of soils/rocks •
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