GEOL 106 Lecture Notes - European Cooperation In Science And Technology, Landslide Mitigation, Factor Analysis

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Slope Stability and Water
Water can infiltrate into the ground (ground water) . Can
decrease stability of slopes by:
o 1. Adding extra weight
o 2. Creating pore pressure that causes uplift
Water is absolutely critical
P = pore pressure
Sf = ca+n x tan Φ/ w x sin this is when its
Sf = ca + (n-p) tan Φ / w x sin this is when
its wet
Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can cause landslides
Large landslides can trigger tsunami
Human Impacts
1. Urbanization in landslide prone regions
2. Tree cutting -> removal of vegetation
3. Global climate change effects
4. Dam construction
Mitigation Techniques
1. Land use planning. Stay away from unstable areas
2. Stabilize the slopes (reduce PH)
o a) drainage control
o b) rock bolts (slope support)
o c) retaining walls ; screen (slope support)
o d) cut benches
o e) reduce slope gradient by grading
3. Set up emergency response plans
o education
o emergency services
most critical for avalanches
4. Try predicting landslides
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