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Lecture 2

GEOL 106 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Earth System Science, Fred Hoyle, David Rothenberg

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
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GEOL 106
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Geology 106 – lecture 2
Tanker-train derailment
oNew Brunswick – January 7th 2014
Introduction to earth-system management/engineering
1969 – humans first landed on the moon
oFirst human – Neil Armstrong
o“Once a photograph of the Earth, taken from outside, is available … a new idea as
powerful as any in history will be let loose” – Fred Hoyle (astronomer), 1948
Saying that this image would change how we would think about ourselves
oUnexpected – when they went around the moon, the would see the Earth rise
o“It is so incredibly impressive when you look back at our planet from out there in
space and you realize so forcible that it’s a closed system – that we don’t have any
unlimited resources that there’s so much only …..
oSee the fragility of the earth, hanging in space
o“we made all this way to the Moon to finally discover the Earth” – William A. Anders
(Apollo VIII astronaut, 1968
2007 – begin talking about moons and space a lot
o50 year anniversary of sputnik (first human made object sent into space) – October
4, 1957
“the world changes as we learn to see it in new ways. And the way we see the world
depends on how we use it” – David Rothenberg, 1993
oThe number of USA laws on environmental protection increases
Sharp rise of new laws when humans land on the moon
Reflection of the society recognizing the fragility of the earth
1972 – Only One Earth, The care and maintenance of a small planet
oBook that described a change in perspective of how humans see earth
View of earth from space led to increases awareness of the fragility of the earth and the
need to better understand it
The president of the USA commissioned a study of the Earth System
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