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Lecture 6

106 Lecture 6: Week 2

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
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GEOL 106
John Hanes

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Friday Class 2015-02-11
Readings: Chapter 1 introduction to Natural Hazards
Risk Management and Analysis
We carry this out in order to minimize damage from Hazards, Disasters and catastrophes
How to mitigate a (geological) Hazard
I.e. Minimize damage and loss of life/injuries
Similar approach used for all types of risks
We need to look at the generic approach to risk analysis and risk management
Hazard: something, which might cause hard to people (death, injury or property damage)
Types of Hazards:
Seismic Risk: earthquake risks
Containment Structure with Reactor: Radio active elements that spit apart and heats water to make
Is there a hazard from Martian Landslides?
Yes because we have human property on mars
There are two groups of Hazards
Natural hazards: do not involve humans producing them
Anthropogenic hazards: human induced
Can be combined: snow storm and car crash
We need to distinguish Hazard from Resource
Resource: something that is useful to us
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