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Lecture 1

GEOL 106 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Amu Darya, Will Durant, Natural Disaster

Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Course Code
GEOL 106
David Alan Hanes

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Geology 106: Week 1, Lecture 1
Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change
without notice – Will Durant (historian)
Rise in exponential natural disaster in accordance rise in
Increase in the impact of hazard e#ect?
o(Exponential) population growth
Year (A.D) Population
1800 <1
1900 1.6
1950 2.5
2000 6.0
2010 7.0
Regional Scale
Humans can jump and “hit” nature in the face
oDumping waste
oOil sands mining
Aral Sea – in the 1960 desert was irrigated to grow cotton
water extracted from Amudarya and Syrdarge Rivers  resulted
in shrinkage of the sea  destroyed :sheries + shortened the
growing season for cotton + lake bed that was left was really
salty and blow these “pesticides” into the land where people
were living
Global Change
Carbon dioxide
Major theme of the course
How do we manage the risks that these natural and
anthropogenic (i.e human created) hazards pose
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