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Place and Space

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

LECTURE Place - Place has meaning - Location is just a position in space - Place is about social interaction – public and private gardens being built - Place involves a physical bounding and social bounding which give meaning - We experience the world through place - Place is integral to the possible of experience Space - Space and place often confounded - Conceptual surface like a map used to locate and access health, economic activity, temperature etc. o These things can be mapped in space o Not necessarily physical o These maps allow us to see socio-spatial inequality, understand disease tendency o Maps of meaning - Many geographers work with space in this way Place is focused on experience and space is about comparing phenomena Place and space imply different ways of thinking about similar phenomena Identity - Who we are: shifts and changes over time and with context o Example: school, church, playing field - Struggle with reconciling these identitites - Not simple or uniform - Our own identities are perhaps our most important act of creation Geopolitics - Violence related to the division, control and contestation of territory - Not restricted to nations and empires but neighbourhoods Place: network of relationships - Consciously prese
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