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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 (online) Notes

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

Lecture 6 Online Notes  Colonialism and imperialism – most contributing to global inequality  Colonialism – permanent establishment of Europeans overseas – also others  Imperialism – indirect control – through economic, military or commercial  2 periods of European imperialism: Spanish and Portuguese domination/British industrial imperial dominance  European colonialism and imperialism were ways of bringing resources into Europe  Portugal: first for colonial adventure – then spain – looking for technological/urban (resources and labour)  Seville, spain – controlled from there – money through taxes and forcing good from mother country  Portugal – no governed rules/not enforced – use of slave trade in plantations, etc.  End of 18 century – colonialism dying? – independence rebellions – Britain and France coming in  Introduction of human rights, equality, fraternity, liberty  With other empires retreating, Britain, with its industrialization, takes the spot for imperial dominance – monopolistic national trade – financial importance (insurance and reinsurance)  Railroads, medicines, institutions – new ability to travel to previously unreachable places – new capacity for conquest and control  Competition between Europeans – whole world divided into colonies – Africa divided up  Allowed exportati
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