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Energy and Food Security

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

ENERGY LECTURE Canada is very energy independent - Residential significant - Source of a lot of non-renewable resources (fossil fuels) - Canada and US in clear relation - 2005 -30% transporation,38% industrial and growing consumption - Natural gas becoming more important. Coal is declining o Natural gas less pollution o Easier to extract: fracking – high pressure insertion of water into shale, frack out - Smart grid - Time restrictions and amount restriction - Any use of energy gives waste - Thermal coal to generate electricity - Dirty and very dangerous to use - Hard to rely on research OIL - Most traded commodity - Hardly renewable resource - Running low TAR SANDS - Huge money invested in it, lots of interest NATURAL GAS - Cheaper and cleanest; most hope for the future - Handling is important - Can be dangerous - Flaring of gas major controversy - Methane is a byproduct RENEWABLE - Hydrofuel looked promising - Dams are a good investment but a natural impact and social impact exists - A little less than 12% comes from hydro - Yangtse River Three Gorges Dam flooded cities and historical sites NUCLEAR POWER - Cleanest; no greenhouse gases - Generates export income
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