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The Lawn

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

LAWN Linked to aesthetics and politics of place Definition signified unite of human occupation or Human designuse of landscape Ex Garden highway engineering of roads an aesthetic ideal that establishes norms of behavioursone of the most important roles that landscape plays in the social process is ideological supporting a set of ideas and values unquestioned assumptions about the way a society is or should be organized Jim and Nancy Duncan Lawn carries value and importanceIntroOriginally came from BritainTook on new forms in North AmericaLarge lawns in back and front were normal and naturalRelated to socioeconomic status with game of golf o Manicured lawns stunning vistas micro geographies performed and controlled naturePesticides and Costs of Lawn80 of people in developed nations are urbanizedHalf the population lives in citiesA lot of energy is harnessed in these cities and urban water quality has become an issuePesticides dont kill people directly but attack water qualityBetween 23 and 38 of all agricultural toxins used in home lawns in USMore fertilizer applied to lawn than applied to crops in India in 1984
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