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Public Space, Private Space and Homelessness

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

Janice Liu PUBLIC SPACE, PRIVATE SPACE, HOMELESSNESS Classroom not public space Public space depends on access Public urban space is a dream? - The only true public space is the public space taken and fought for by the public (Don Mitchell) - Agora in Greece where people could come to discuss - But you can’t do just anything in a public space - Fought for and won = public space Vietnam war: mass demonstrations by educated young unhappy of leadership - Against paying price with their lives - Universities became politicized - Became violent, escalated quickly - Over the idea of public space: who does the university belong to? Clark Kerr: uni to become multiversity for knowledge - McDonaldization of university - A knowledge factory and the town being a company town - Rules to Control o Not allowed to speak of off- campus issues o Governance must be approved by campus o Organizations must have faculty present and disapproval could result in removal of student officers o Non-students not allowed to distribute anything Sproul Hall at Berkley (1964) - Resulted in defiance - University retaliated by picking 3 students to be punished - 300-500 students showed up taking responsibility but only 3 were suspended - Students began sit-in and former student was arrested - Free speech vs. University Regulations - 500 police vs 7000 students and university promised politics review - University retaliated again: advisory committee, pressed charges, used records - University became politicized, Sproul Hall occupied, arrests happened, faculty and students striked until Sproul Hal became public space Bancroft and Sather - Administration saw it as private property: enforce law o Space could only be used with written permission - Students saw it as public space for students who aren’t for political education 1969 – Homelessness as Space Problem in Berkley - University saw South Campus as investment and development opportunity for a soccer field - Students saw it as their own space (SC) - University wanted to “
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