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GPHY 101

Friday September 14, 2012 Human Geography Week one Lecture two The key concepts: PLACE - A much richer concept than location (a position in some sort of a spatial grid) - For a place to be a place, it must have meaning - It is in that sense that strip malls and box stores have been described as placeless - The meaning of place is linked to human experience Place involve a physical bounding (the classroom, the neighborhood); and a social bounding the interrelationships that explode and define physical space - As embodied being we exist in place and we experience the world through place and the interplay of out intelligence and our self The key concepts: SPACE - Another vitally important geographic concept - Space and place are often confounded - I keep places as the space of experience and space as the realm for comparisons and identifying spatial relationships - Space as I will use it in this course is a conceptual surface, like a map which can be used to locate and assess the proximity and intensity of phenomena: like relative wealth, health, economic activity, power or in the sciences: depth, light temp. soil quality, nature etc. - Surfaces can be multi-dimensional - The extension need not be merely physical The key co
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