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Lecture 19

GPHY 102 Lecture 19: L19

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GPHY 102
Ryan K Danby

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Lecture 19 Fluvial Landforms A Quick Review Splash, sheet, rill, and gully erosion all contribute to slope erosion Stream erosion and deposition occurs within stream channels Movement of particles depends on size: smaller mover further than larger Erosional landforms: Shaped by progressive removal of Earth material (e.g. ravines, canyons) Depositional landforms: shaped by relocation of Earth material (e.g. fans, floodplains) Hjulstroms curve: framework for understanding fluvial processes, focuses on sediment diameter (i.e. grain size) and velocity of strain (i.e. flow velocity) Stream Channels: Key Concepts Lateral erosion sideways erosion of banks that move channel to the side Vertical erosion most prominent in rivers high above base level Vertical Erosion Deposition Degradation lowering base level (vertical and lateral erosion) Aggradation stable or rising base level (vertical and lateral deposition) o (*think of rising sea level*) Base level Rivers will grade to a longitudinal profile that is generally steeper in the headwaters and gentler near the mouth Erosion is focused in headwaters, deposition in lower reaches The level that rivers grade to is called base level Usually sea level, but may be a lake, or resistant bedrock Nickpoints may occur where multiple base levels are formed by bedrock or other obstructions Base level changes If the base level decreases, the river will regrade by incising (eroding) down into the floodplain o E.g., sea level lowering
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