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Lecture 20

GPHY 102 Lecture 20: L20

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GPHY 102
Ryan K Danby

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Lecture 20 Wind Waves Wind Aeolian process with nature of moving material through erosion, transport and deposition (which is the same as with water = fluvial processes) o Aeolian: geomorphic processes associated with wind Generates landforms that are quite distinctive Two important Determinant Factors o Wind speed (energy of the wind to move material) o materials type (fine grained) Relative to water, wind is a far less important agent at global scales, but it can be locally and regionally significant Aeolian processes are most pronounced o wherever finegrained, unconsolidated sediment is exposed to the atmosphere o where benefit of vegetation, moisture or some other form of protection is absent o = AKA in arid and semi arid regions and along coastal beaches Aeolian Erosion Two fundamental categories: deflation abrasion o Deflation: movement of loos particles by winf loose surface particles are eroded away and transported a distance away downwind includes lifting of particles aloft and shifting along the surface o Abrasion: erosion of rock and consolidated materials by wind transported sediments quartz and feldspar in the air can erode and abrade solid material Airborne sands and dust particles driven by wind in a natural form of sandblasting Not all deserts are warm aeolian processes occur in arid polar setting as well none of these environments have vegetation to protect material from wind and activity occurs the most in the winter
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