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GPHY 250

Conflict and Conquest: The Historic Shaping of the Canadian Landscape Sept. 28 2012  Most of US say it was the British who started the war of 1812 while we teach it was a conflict between US and Canada over territory War of 1812  Both sides were invading each others territories  War was unsuccessful and temporary  Glorified by Canadians because it became a pinnacle point in defining Canada as a nation, “we stood stand side by side, as a unified Canada”  “ A kind of tribal memory… Anchor of common values, outlooks and loyalities” [Vancouver Sun Editorial] o when defining these memories who is interpreting them and who is defining them  the displine of shitroy itself and who has come to determine it, history of North America is very European and Western view Historical Consciousness  general as a human communities’ consciousness of its historicity and history, that is a conscious knowledge of its existence as one that has emerged, and of its idenitity vis-avis other, neighbouring or more remote communities, and a task, resulting from this perspective, for…. National Mythologies  dominant views on history and how it may leave things out Historical Geography  the stdy of the geographies of past times, involving the imaginative reconstruction of a wide range of phenomena and processes central to our geographical understanding of the dynasm of human affairs (Butlin, 1993) o want to stufy the geographies of the past and hwo they affect the present. They look at how the events refelect in out current relationships o this discipline is very much created on a western geographers, and white academics o It dosent pertain to the rest of the world Empire  Existensivly graphic group, an extensive amount of land and people that is controlled by a monarch  This large geographical land has diverse land and people  This is important in Canada’s history because we come from the British Empire, in order to understand our own relations we have to understand the past because they created our dominant history  British empire was the largest empire in the world  First cycle of dominance late 16 century to early 17 - was still unstable, economically week but were growing territorial, through this expansion the nd st 2 cycle of dominance they experienced economic boom and up to the 1 and 2 world war, they had many economic advantages because of tech. advancements and age of industrializations  Empires influences the borders of a nation state  Core periphery relationship that has been created due to empires  Alienation of global south  French Empire- plaid role in Canada development  Second people- saw arrival of British people and colonizers Colonialism  Colonialism: Establishment and maintenance of political and legal domination by a state over a separate and alien society  Colonization: physical settlement of people from the imperial center to the colonial periphery. How we are able to have colonialism  Tool by BE to gain dominance and entitlement over Canada  They promised land, jobs, and cash if they came to settle in Canada Settlers of Canada  Second People o New France [3000 settlers in 1663 and 60,000 settlers by 1750]  settling in New France, St. Lawrence River (from France) or coming from Britian and coming into settle along the great lakes o British settlers (second group)  First wave [1775-1783]- mostly loyalist from the US and were settling and seeking refuges after the war of independence and were going to Nova Scotia, St. Lawrence and Great lakes  Second wave [1790-186]- millions of immigrants from the British Isles during this time Britian was experiencing was having poor economic conditions (potatoe famine) o Confederation of 1867- BNA pop. 3 million people- 80% were settled along St. Lawrence lowlands and 20% in Atlantic Canda  Third People o Settlement of Western Canada- early part of the 20 century- mostly from eastern Europe (scandanvia, Russia), Canada started to explain immigration options from the British Isles o 1901-1921- [pop growth 400,000 to 2 million in western Canada) Territorial Evolution of Canada  Un
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