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GPHY 101 Lecture Notes - Geopolitics

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

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- Place has meaning
- Location is just a position in space
- Place is about social interaction public and private gardens being built
- Place involves a physical bounding and social bounding which give meaning
- We experience the world through place
- Place is integral to the possible of experience
- Space and place often confounded
- Conceptual surface like a map used to locate and access health, economic activity,
temperature etc.
o These things can be mapped in space
o Not necessarily physical
o These maps allow us to see socio-spatial inequality, understand disease
o Maps of meaning
- Many geographers work with space in this way
Place is focused on experience and space is about comparing phenomena
Place and space imply different ways of thinking about similar phenomena
- Who we are: shifts and changes over time and with context
o Example: school, church, playing field
- Struggle with reconciling these identitites
- Not simple or uniform
- Our own identities are perhaps our most important act of creation
- Violence related to the division, control and contestation of territory
- Not restricted to nations and empires but neighbourhoods
Place: network of relationships
- Consciously present in a place: aware of dimensions
Polish displaced
- “you don’t belong here” so exiled
- Her father wanted to die in the place of his birth
- However people of class in communist Poland were not welcome
- He gravitated to a community with other exiled Poles
- People brought the past with them to the new place : painted farm over and over again
- Change in regime resulted in lost of property
- Godleva was Anne’s place of refuge
o It was a place of her relationships with the people, dogs, etc
o It would always be “hers” no matter the inhabiters
- Benefitting from old injustices to heal new ones
o Perhaps more concerned of the old ones than the new ones
o Sensitivity to place and its meaning
o Immigrant experience
o Aboriginal identity, community and injustice
- Important to the people and animals there
- More than a location economics, feelings, relationships, politics
- Dynamic death and life
- Historical
o Infused with historical meaning: what they did with it was linked to the past
o Something we construct through narrative: recreated the place through the story
- Contingent: dependant on the people there, the things that happened (many factors)
- Network of associations and meanings
- Social and material