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GPHY 101 Lecture Notes - Universal Health Care, French Revolution, Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

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Colonialism refers to permanent establishment of European overseas
- In Canada, US, Australia
Imperialism is more indirect control
- USA constantly accused of
- Implied force for trade
Spanish and Portuguese domination 1492-1750
- Mercantilist empire
- Competitive control of territory and wealth
British Industrial/Imperial Dominance 1750s to WWI
- Industrial/imperialism combined
European colonialism and imperialism were ways of sucking resources into Europe
Portugal started imperial venture
No for behind Spain reaching into Americas
Took over former empires
Incas great imperialists and Spaniards took over
Spain had inquisitors to maintain control
- Taxes and forcing them to buy their goods
Portugal established forts and trading houses corrupt
Portugal chased out by French, British and Dutch
Rights of Man concept (human rights)
Fraternity, equality, liberty
- Against colonialism
Era of British imperial dominance
Huge british empire
Produced 2/3 of world’s coal, a lot of steel, iron, cotton
London became centre of world finance and reinsurance (insurance for insurance companies)
- Railtroad helped countries movie into interiors
- Medicines also allowed people into africa
Europe carved world into colonial empires and spheres of influence
Foreign power collapsed a lot spurred by European competition
Scramble for Afica
- Free labour slavery to extra resources
- Move overpopulation into African colonies
WWI and WWII impoverished Europe
- Fight for Europe control essentially
- Resulted in british knocking themselves out of game
- USA in lead
- Colonials from all over the world discovered the philosophies guiding social justice in Europe
embraced them and fought for independence
The enlightenment and the French revolution brought certain ideals to the conscience of Europeans
- The rights of man: liberty, equality, fraternity
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