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GPHY 101 Lecture Notes - Deinstitutionalisation, Land Values, Gentrification

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

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Janice Liu
Classroom not public space
Public space depends on access
Public urban space is a dream?
- The only true public space is the public space taken and fought for by the public (Don Mitchell)
- Agora in Greece where people could come to discuss
- But you can’t do just anything in a public space
- Fought for and won = public space
Vietnam war: mass demonstrations by educated young unhappy of leadership
- Against paying price with their lives
- Universities became politicized
- Became violent, escalated quickly
- Over the idea of public space: who does the university belong to?
Clark Kerr: uni to become multiversity for knowledge
- McDonaldization of university
- A knowledge factory and the town being a company town
- Rules to Control
o Not allowed to speak of off- campus issues
o Governance must be approved by campus
o Organizations must have faculty present and disapproval could result in removal of
student officers
o Non-students not allowed to distribute anything
Sproul Hall at Berkley (1964)
- Resulted in defiance
- University retaliated by picking 3 students to be punished
- 300-500 students showed up taking responsibility but only 3 were suspended
- Students began sit-in and former student was arrested
- Free speech vs. University Regulations
- 500 police vs 7000 students and university promised politics review
- University retaliated again: advisory committee, pressed charges, used records
- University became politicized, Sproul Hall occupied, arrests happened, faculty and students
striked until Sproul Hal became public space
Bancroft and Sather
- Administration saw it as private property: enforce law
o Space could only be used with written permission
- Students saw it as public space for students who aren’t for political education
1969 Homelessness as Space Problem in Berkley
- University saw South Campus as investment and development opportunity for a soccer field
- Students saw it as their own space (SC)
- University wanted to “domesticate” it under their control
- Activists built a public park on the abandoned lot - 3000 people built playgrounds and planted
flowers (People’s Park)
- University fenced the park claiming it was private and protestors protested
- Police met the protest and one student was killed and other blinded
- Governor Regan deemed them gangs
- Soccer field was built, boycotted and fence was tore down, uni changed it to parking lot
- Protestors jackhammered the parking lot
- Park was a refuge for many homeless people as housing prices rose to shut people out of
market, services declining and mental hospitals being closed (deinstitutionalization)
Janice Liu
- University announced building of dorms and students changed (more concern with futures than
state of world, homeless discussion is pathological and dangerous, gentrification)
- Some student noticed homeless issues
- 1989: uni announced volleyball courts, lease both ends to city
o Not to remove homeless but undesirable criminal element
o 20 protestors and riot broke out on first day of construction
o Courts boycotted, homeless occupied volleyball courts
Don Mitchell
- Public space is where political views can be expressed
- Has to be fought for and won
Private property in Canada is weaker
- Homelessness is a growing problem
- Estimated 300 000 or 1% of population by homeless advovates
- Unacceptable in such a wealthy country
- UN disappointed at unreliable stats
- Dealt with as a spatial problem not a social one
o Restricting, no loitering, prohibiting begging, removing them and enforcing laws against
- Why?
o Gentrification of city centers (removing cheap housing)
o Rising land values
o Not enough cheap housing
o No national housing strategy still
o Deinstitutionalized mentally ill without the necessary supports
Increasingly Private City
- Dead urban plazas
- Festival markets
- Gentrified historical districts
- Malls, gated comumunitites
Internet public space? No. can’t occupy it.