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Lecture 2

GPHY 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Antisemitism, Radiography, Indo-CanadiansPremium

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

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Week 2: Lecture 1
Theme 2: Population/Migration
Current Issues in the World: Myanmar
Stateless- they have no rights
Being persecuted
Cannot leave and integrate somewhere else
Immediate resentment by the Buddhist community
Violence been going on since 1948
Canada donated 1.5 million dollars to the UN to help Bangladesh with their
problems and keep them in their country
Rohingya Human rights are being violated
Colonialism tends to refer to the permanent establishment of Europeans
o Like Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
o Mexico, much of Central and S. America
Imperialism is more Indirect Control
o E.i. European influence in Africa and Asia pre-1180s and US
influence in much of the world today
Indirect Control
o Through military control, shipping and trade passes (force or implied
Two Distinct periods of European Imperialism
o Spanish and Portuguese dominations 1492- 1750 approximately (but
including Holland, France, and England)
! Mercantilist empire: competitive and restrictive trade and
control of territory and wealth (gold, spices, herbs, rice)
o British industrial/ imperial dominance 1750’s or so to WW1
o Focus on production and markets
! The country who could produce the greatest number of goods
and secure the greatest market would be the most powerful

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Spanish and Portuguese World Domination
o Spain
! 250 years of colonialism
! Interested in urban civilization (squeeze out, taxes, resources,
labour, gold)
! Found in Aztec in Mexico
! Spanish colonies were set up as separate kingdoms all
answering to Spain
! 1700’s ruling the new world
! Made money from its colonies by shipping, forcing to buy
goods, taxes
o Portugal
! Instituted slave trade
! Made money from slaves trade plantation
! Large corrupted trade
! Chased out of the far East by British, French and Dutch
o Gone through enlightenment
! Society could be changed and improved
! The ideas of equality, fraternity, liberating were a major
contradiction of the predatory of colonialism and imperialism
The Era of British Imperial Dominance
o Britain became the first European Dominance in history
o Germany caught up with industrial development
o Britain had dominance for 150 years
o Controlled the seas and shipping, steel, copper, gold,
o The imperialized world provided the raw materials and consumed the
finished products were at the foundation for British industrialization
o After WW1 Europe had carved the Colonialism
The imperialism allowed Europe to export its excess population, and to use
foreign cheap or free labor (slavery) to extract resources that enriched
especially Europe cities and impoverished to where the resources came
European Imperial Dominance End with WW1 and WW2
o Both was impoverished Europe
o In WW1 and WW2 the US to rise to its extraordinary demographic,
economic, and political potential

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o Colonials from all over the world discovered the philosophies guiding
social justice in Europe, took them home, embraced them and fought
for independence
o Europeans came up with ideologies to support their predations
! To “civilize” the world
Jewish and Palestinian Diaspora
Jewish Diaspora
o Orthodox Jewish who live outside Israel who believe that the state
exits outside of Gods law
o Over 2500 years of exile
o 586 B.C uprising against the Mesopotamian Empire the temple in
Jerusalem was destroyed for the first time and Jewish elite were exiled
from Jerusalem.
o Rivers of Babylon song
o Babylon exile was a period of great cultural growth for the Jews the
Torah and the Talmud
o Torah was imposed on with later Persian colonist
! created the rules and served as a foundation of a placeless or
exiled region (not necessarily attached to one place)
o All about place, relations, history
o Fall of the second temple by the Romans exiling the Jews again
o Fiddler on the Roof
! About the Russian over taking
! The relationships
! Understanding of what a place is
The Holocaust
o 5-7 million Jews were killed
o The people have developed a deep anxiety from their history and past
The Palestinians
o Had inhabited Palestine for at least 11-12 centuries when the Jewish
state was declared in 1948.
o When Jews began settling in the area in the 1880, the Palestinians
were not organized into a modern state
! Lived under clan and religious rule
! National identity
o Had to fight in the 1930’s for their culture and religion
o In 1967 the Palestinian organization became active
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