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Lecture 3

GPHY 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Pictou, Mass Production, Planned ObsolescencePremium

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GPHY 101
L. Cameron

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GPHY 101: September 25, 2018 - Week 3 Spatial Justice and Health
Spotlight speaker: Dr. Heather Castleden
Environmental justice/Environmental racism
o Where things go is often in relation to who lives there
You don’t often see pulp mines in rich communities
You see them where people are living in poverty or disadvantaged
Process of paper is made using lots of carcinogens that can
be very harmful to human beings and wildlife
Example: Pictou, Nova Scotia
o Summary:
The indigenous are mainly hired to work at the pulp mill in Pictou
Economically deprived area for some time
The pulp mill has been dumping their excess waste into Pictou
landowning areas
This created an environment of distrust because of the
injustices that had taken place and that no one was planning
to do anything about them
o 2010: Native women wanted to know what this waste/carcinogens is doing
to the health of their community
'Two eyed seeing': acknowledging western knowledge and
ingenious knowledge that is across the landscape
o Gaps in western science
The women moved forward with identifying gaps and recognizing a
lot of that pollution should have stopped when new federal rules
came into play in 1979
o Oral history with the elders

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The women spoke to their elders about the issues that concerned
them because this was the indigenous way of research, as elders
were considered the most wise
o Asking questions about health
Since health was their main concern, they looks into physical,
mental, and spiritual health
How do these interact?
The indigenous believe in more than just a western model of health
o Looking into the rest of the community
What places are people particularly scared of?
How far away do thy have to go for hunting to believe the food isn't
They then mapped where the community wanted them to examine
the contamination effects on other species
o Learning
First people to share the results with would be the community
Women wanted it researched by the community, with the
community, and for the community
After they found results, they decided to share them with media
o Reconciliation
Novia Scotia offered 1M to drop the lawsuit in 2010
In 2014 a water pipe burst and resulted in a protest because of
contaminated water
An Interdependent World Geography
o Three main modern world systems:
Core regions:
Industrialized and wealthy countries that are highly
productive and have a dominant trading system
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