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Lecture 1

GPHY 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Health Geography, Historical Geography, Social GeographyPremium

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GPHY 101
L. Cameron

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GPHY 101: September 11, 2018 - Week 1 Introduction
What is Human Geography?
o “Human geography: is the study of the spatial organization of human
activity and of people’s relationships with their environments” (textbook
Why Does Human Geography Matter?
o The world is characterized by instant communication, changing nation
relationships, unexpected local change, and environmental degradation
o Geographers do not just focus on where things are, but why they are there
Useful in overcoming close-mindedness and discrimination
o Physical geographers look at the physical makeup and the earth and
human geographers look at the relationship between people and the earth
Both are interconnected
Belle Island and Human Geography
o Health geography:
Work on how to provide proper health care to people in certain
o Economic geography:
How tourism affects a certain area and what money can be
o Historical geography:
What can be dug up and what story can be told in specific areas
o Food geography:
Look at agricultural history/past land use, urban foraging/medicinal
land use (indigenous)
o Political geography:
Looking at treaties/reconciliation and land rights in different areas
o Social geography:
Looking at all the different types of people that interact in a given
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