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Lecture 6

GPHY 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Green Energy Act 2009, Watt, Geothermal PowerPremium

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GPHY 101
L. Cameron

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GPHY 101: October 16, 2018 - Week 6 Energy and Sustainability
Spotlight speaker: Warren Mabee and Kathryn Aleong
The world is completely dominated by fossil fuels
o These are contributing to climate change and global warming
o We have used up most of the fossil fuels that are readily available
The Green Energy Act (GEA) in Ontario
o Passed May 14, 2009
o Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the province and reduce the
burning of coal
o Renewable energy main focus
o In place for 10 years
Goals of the GEA
o In 3 years, create 50,000 jobs, mainly into manufacturing
Did not work out this way
Suggested about 30,000 jobs, but probably much lower
Lots of construction jobs
o Creating renewable power
Elements of the GEA
o They wanted to make it easier for companies to go out and build a
renewable energy project
To simplify the process that companies had to go through
Came with problems:
o Decided to override municipal opinions
o Too many regulations at first, so projects were coming, but not as fast
o Key tool that was incorporated into the green energy act was this feed in
tariff (FIT program)
Pays the produce of power for every kilowatt of energy generated
that feeds into the larger grid
Divided based on the type of technology you are dealing with
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