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Global Development Studies
DEVS 100
Richard Greenfield

Caroline Bond Critical Analysis Marx on Ideology Critique  Appearances are often deceiving  Ideology: presents a false idea o Ex: Big Mac Foucault on Discourse Analysis Discursive Regime: Linked systems of subjects objects, signifiers, and patterns of regularity  Everything is discourse and discourse is everything  Relations of power are ubiquitous (help, hinder, ignore)  Out of these systems, truths emerge (they are not hidden) o Relativism? o In relations to discourses o There are many of them (not just one)  There is always resistance and contestation  Therefore no one can claim to know ‘the truth’ as such Subject: that which does or says “I”… but not body  Entity and structure  Occupies subject position (student, teacher…)  Without language there are no subjects Object: takes on position of subjectivity with relation to the subject  Two kind of objects o Inanimate o Object from someone else’s view Nietzsche on Perspectivism  The idea of objectivity is ridiculous  Come to know your own values  enable to employ a variety of perspectives  Affect: embodied state of being or discourse  Each located subject will view an object in different ways based on what lenses or filters they have o Active nihilism is getting rid of those lenses and filters Perspectival Analysis example  The Harper Regime o Conservative liberal Feminism?  Anti-war student o Anti-colonial anarchist Feminism  Opposed to the in nation colonialism and across the sea  Not to become like the dominant order  One must reflect their own values  The values, history, affects and paradigms of other interpreters Caroline Bond  The object becomes blurry the more interpretations they have Foucault on Genealogical Analysis (How discourses Change)  The event is unexpected  Rehabilitation comes afterwards Analysis and Social Change 1. Official a. Apathy: what has allowed neoliberalism to proceed i. Most powerful b. Reform: I don’t want to change the system but change small things 2. Oppositional a. Resistance: try to evade the power b. Revolution: you want to take power 3. Outsider a. Creation of alternatives Radical: further from the dominant order Collins on Intersectional Analysis  De-centering dominant subjects, objects, practices, institution, values  Re-centering the marginal (now gendersexes, races,
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