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Global Development Studies
DEVS 100

Devs Week 2 Lecture 1Sept 20 2011Development seems to defy definition although not for a want of definitions on offer Cown Shenton Doctrines of Development What is developmentHighly contested notion At 1 level development is about objective questions of poverty income housing health educationCan be challenged are challengedRadically different concepts of developmentImminent notions of developmentDeliberately willed to happenMainstream development paradigm Defined by Western standards of progressIncome per capitaInfrastructurebuildingsServices health careMarketMulti party governmentsSocial normsSupported by western institutionsDominant notion of development Is development simply a way to maintain Western power and support unequal forms of capitalism Neocolonial gain1950 Birth of modern developmentEnd in ww2Marshall plan funded by USAReconstructing Europe New poles of powerCold warUS expansionRise of multilateral institutionsWorld bankDecolonization Era 19501970New multi polar situationIndependent statesSatellite statesNon aligned statesRise of alternativesAfrican socialization19802000 end of cold war and rise of NeoliberalismTend toward homogenized worldend of historyHegemonic sense of developmentFinancialPrivatization 2000s onwardsRise of multi polarity againBRICs Brazil Russia India ChinaDecline of US and EU powerRise of socialism againRise of sub and supranational agenciesRising uncertainty around meaning and methods of developmentDev studies in EuropeStarted 1950sPart of the deneo colonization project Very close 2 state shiftToday more criticalGraduate Large programs Devs studies in USArea studies Post war projectClose links to CIAProgressiveoMainstream oWorld banks IMF and USAIDDevs studies in Global south 1980sNot as common Asia and AfricaDevs studies in Canada1970s and since 1990sUndergraduate Increased interest
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