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Week 10 Case Study

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Global Development Studies
DEVS 230
Marc Epprecht

Arguing that Aid is Bad Dambisa Moyo -- we all agree that Africa cannot rely on aid forever -- we need everyone to be with the government, but it's the government's jobs. -- aid has continued to contribute to the corruption of the states -- aid was supposed to replace savings because there was none at the time -- it disenfranchises African citizens -- reverse boston tea party -- we do not want sympathy or pity, we want opportunities "africa is to development what mars is to nasa" Hernando De Soto -- the objective of aid is a seed so that the 3rd world can look like the 1st -- "the god with two heads" -- the problem is that not all governments are together… creating a social contradiction -- because your system is speaking with two faces it's messing up ours -- we have given you 2 trillion dollars
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