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Week 9 Monday November 5

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Global Development Studies
DEVS 230
Marc Epprecht

Week 9 Monday November 5 Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Power Increases in Neoliberalism (Inclusive Development)  Structural and relational power  WTO + Bilateral Trade Agreements (FTA)  TNCs have decisive powers to shape public policy and influence government action Efficiency Principle  Principle framing CSR: Neoliberal assumption that social issues have an economic value to be determined by market forces  Reduces social and environmental concerns to economistic criteria of value.  Self regulation/ voluntary regulation  (Milton Friedman anti- CSR) Polanyian Tension  social protection was a spontaneous reaction to the social dislocations imposed by the unrestrained free markets  in Keynesianism, social protection from forces of free market provided by the state and international organizations (BWR)  UN Commission on Transnational Corporations – Code of Conduct dismissed by global North and abandoned  In neoliberalism, social protection from market forces is provided by market/private actors HAND OUT – Contextualizing CSR Corporations (Stanford)  Private firm which has been granted legal rights and responsibilities of a person, but in a way that keeps the corporation itself private from the people who own it (shareholders)  Goes on to talk about corporations from Stanford. CSR  Shaped through the interplay of popular pressures and the response of corporations to those pressures in neoliberalism  Voluntary regulation  Doesn‟t provide an alternative model, but captures and promotes the oral dimensions of capitalism in ways that resonate with investors and consumers Context of CSR in Neoliberalism  Bhopal Disaster, South Africa Divestment campaign, Exxon Valdez, etc Defining CSR „Movement‟  Shaped through popular pressures and the corpora
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