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Lecture 3

Week 3 Case Study

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Queen's University
Global Development Studies
DEVS 230
Marc Epprecht

Week 3 Case Study: Right to Choose (1980)  “If there weren’t factories like this for new immigrants to get started up in then it wouldn’t be possible for them to come here at all… they aren’t going to stay here but they need it to get established and work hard... they’ll better themselves by using the opportunities the free market gives them”  “The conditions suck but its because these people are new… they’ll earn their way and then the next generation will be better off like we are.”  ^ How is this freedom? More like a shift in power from government  corporations (BW regime a lot due to Euromarkets… the gov’t losing power to corporations) think of the colonizers that was allowed to do its thing but destroyed the natives in the process… they’re like the big corporation coming in (like HBC) and dictating what would happen to the smaller corporations (aboriginal tribes)  The market already tells people what to do… if things aren’t working people will find other ways to do them. But does this occur when things aren’t so much self-employed?  It’s their choice if they want lower wages and better conditions or vice versa… no unions tell
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