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Gender Studies 120 Notes 2011 Sem 1.docx

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Gender Studies
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GNDS 120
Susan Wilcox

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GNDS Lecture 1September 16 2011The development of Authenticity and ethically within self and communityGender Fundamental assumptionGender binary male Female More than just the twoSocially constructedNot what we are both withBoundaries of gender are not setWomen studies vs GenderWhat makes a women and manSeparating characteristics of the gendersMen cant be feminist if it is woman studiesRelationship between men and womenWoman not the only ones effectedAllows all gender identitiesRemove stigma women hate men better radicalFeminismGender studiesFeminist perspectiveGender feminist departmentDisrupt the status quoIt is not ok the way gender relations are currently play an impact on the institutions What impact does gender have on our livesIntersectionalityPerson not know by just gender may be known by race incomeOppressionWe can be oppressed in some areas and privilegeInterdisciplinary inquiry Big Ideas Gender SexualityPowerExperienceResistanceAgency Difference Representation GNDS TUT 1Sept 21 2011Alexandra Cirka 6ac15queensucaGNDS Lecture 2Sept 23 2011Feminism is a perspectiveNo single perspectiveGenderAn identity a key organizing concept in institutions and cultureGender identity is rational and two sexes are not enoughAs socially constructedAs performance changes all the time
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