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Gender Studies
GNDS 120
Melissa Houghtaling

Theoretically, raising a child in a manner which ultimately allows them to make final decisions for themselves (i.e. allowing the child to pick their own clothes, toys, and experiment with make-up) could make a younger generation of self confident, individuated humans. Yet, it is quite possible that the child will not grasp the intention behind the parent's parental style. Is not openly being unrestrictive on a child's upbringing, risking their psychological identity? Parent's can be lenient on the implications of gender, but preventing outside worldly influences could be a cause for confusion. In the case of baby Storm and his two older brothers, the parents realistically have let the boys design their own identity; against the stereotypical 'norms' of boy versus girl ideology. Meanwhile, it is clear that as they progress with age, and the creativity of the boy's gender becomes more and more apparent, it seems like a constant struggle to maintain. Noticeably in the case of Jazz, Storm's older brother, who is pronouncedly a boy by genetics, but confusingly is often mistaken for a girl. While it seems Jazz does not mind being mistaken for a princess, he is clearly struggling to differentiate himself from the mislabelling of the wrong sex. It would appear that in reality instead of becoming individuated at an early age, Jazz has been forced into a confusing state; whereas he has to explain and decide who he is and wants to be all the time, before he has even answered those questions for himself. Yet, this does not even compare to the situation of baby Storm; a genderless baby. While both Jazz and younger brother, Kio, identify as male, baby Storm has been stripped of an identity title. Through the implications of the political and social ideologies of their parents, Storm is being raised in a manner that prevents the public from outwardly implying gender 'requirements'. From a parental standpoint, the question I have to ask is who is this aiding? If not the decision of baby Storm to be considered genderless, then have the parents not ideally chosen their son/daughter's identity or better yet, lack of one. Storm did not decide to have their gender unpronounced, and who's to s
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