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Gender Studies
GNDS 215
Melissa Houghtaling

Lesson 2- Theorizing Sex Diversity 9/16/2013 10:29:00 AM Lesson Plan:  Reflection Paper #1  Developing critical thinking skills  Key concepts  Sex diversity th Reflection Paper- Due Friday September 27 midnight  Reactions, thoughts and feelings in a personal way  Reflection the notion of diversity  How do you understand sexual or gender diversity (pick one)  What does it mean to you  Why is it important to study it  How does learning of it affect you and others  Pick a couple questions and talk about diversity  Locate your own social identity, beliefs etc.  Talk about your sex, gender sexual, race, ethnicity identity  Focus on the identities that relate to diversity  Locate yourself  Reference or cite where your material comes from  How is it marked? Developing Critical Thinking  Sociological perspective  Sociological imagination Tools of the Sociological trade 1. Seeing the General in the Particular o Human behavior is not as individualistic as we think o Examining trends and patterns of human behavior o Individual behaviors are socially influenced o i.e. How society acts upon rich vs. poor, men vs. women o The categories we fall into will shape our life experiences [We are assigned gender at birth] o i.e. Suicide, LGBT community commits suicide more than heterosexuals o i.e. Masturbation; Why doe certain people masturbate? 2. Seeing the Strange in the Familiar o Things are not as they seem. Be critical of what’s “common sense!” o Assumptions about men and women o How individual is individual choice o Traditions are not questioned; good reason to critically look at them and see why they carry on o i.e. Homecoming; Weddings [white dresses, people don’t have a lot of money]; Naming babies [some people wait to name their babies Sex  Sex: biological. o Sex cells, chromosomes, anatomy, etc.  Sex: also an act (“to have sex”) o What does that mean, entail?  Sex Diversity: beyond conceptions of sex as simply Male/ Female o Intersex- chromosomes o Transsex (transsexual and transgender)  Transsex: individuals who were born of one sex and gender which they do not identify with  Those who seek to modify their body in some way i.e. hormones, reconstructions surgery  Transgender: individuals who were born of one sex and gender which they do not identify with but do not get surgery  Sex as a social construction o Inter sex; sex can be fixed to be aligned with male or female o Transsex; can be changed not changeable Gender  Gender: Social
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