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Gender Studies
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Melissa Houghtaling

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GNDS- Lesson 3 Theorizing Gender Diversity 9/23/2013 10:27:00 AM Gender identity vs. Gender expression  Identity: which one you identify with internally; personal sense of self  Expression: the outwards display of gender including dress and makeup Gender  Coined in the 1960’s to describe the socio-cultural aspects of being a man or woman  Capitalism and the development of role specialization inside and outside the family—different people (genders) are more suited for some jabs than others  Naturalist view of gender: that masculinity and femininity are static traits and biological givens Judith Butler on Gender  Looks to understand gender/ sex in terms of performativity, or the repeatedly “doing” of gender  Acting out being a man or woman in ways that give the illusion of stability and fixity  Route to gender liberation challenge the rules of performance to create transgressive gender activities and identities  Reveals the complexity and fluidity of sex and gender categories  i.e. pointlessly gendered items Masculinities: qualities associated with being or identifying with a male  Multiple Masculinities o More than one type of masculinity o Different between cultures  Hierarchical Masculinities o Some forms of masc are more favorable than others o Subject to change especially in history  Subordinated Masculin
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