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Gender Studies
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GNDS 215
Melissa Houghtaling

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GNDS- Week 4- Theorizing Sexual Diversity 9/30/2013 10:30:00 AM Sexuality feelings/ emotions, experiences, identities, orientations, practices, and desires relating to sexual personhood and sexual being  Sexual identity (self) o something one chooses  Sexual orientation (medicalized categories of sexuality o heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual- abnormal sexuality  Sexual behaviors (sexual actions, activities and practices on partakes in) o What one does o May not line up with their sexual identity or orientation o Tea Room trade- study o What is sex o What constitutes the lose of virginity  Sexual desires (Sexual fantasies, desires) o Things that I will admit turn me on vs. things that turn me on that I will not admit o Libido o Not always linked up to sexual identity, or sexual orientation  Sexuality is fluid… o It changes, and is contextual o Depends on the person or people someone is with o Has to do with culture, historical moments in time o Lisa Diamond; female sexuality changes over time, characterized by stability and change o People who experience changes in their gender or sex, sexuality becomes even more complicated Heteronormativity  Where heterosexuality as assumed to be the normal, natural lifestyle. Constantly encourage or normalize through child reading, sex education, dating, marriage, reproduction, etc.  Socialized norm of heterosexuality  Heterosexualization of Gender o The ways that heterosexuality is incorporated in the construction of masculinities and felinities o In the process of gender construction, children are being simultaneously constructed as heterosexual beings o Producing straight girls and straight boys o Heterosexuals are only allowed weddings, weddings are normal o Assumed to be the norm o Influences how woman and men are supposed to act o Why women are never given the choice to be straight or lesbian  There is room for choice: how to express your sexuality, choose who you are with, choose to/ how to express your desires  A lot of sexuality that you can’t control  Heteronormativity sets up hierarchies and organizes sexuality and gender in ways that create hierarchial binaries  Heteronormativity is exclusionary; privileges some while oppresses others  Heterosexuality is taken for granted  Attempts have been made to normalized gay/ lesbian experience Homonormativity  The normalization and/ or homogenization of gay/ lesbian
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