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Gender Studies
GNDS 215
Melissa Houghtaling

Genders 215- Lesson 7 10/21/2013 10:31:00 AM Review from last week  Power and knowledge  Discourse: The language, categories, definitions, etc. used to talk or communicate information about something o Informs our knowledge, behavior, experience, etc. o Discourses are ways of constituting knowledge o How knowledge about sex is generated o Discourse used to reinforce laws, social norms  Power: is everywhere and nowhere. It works on multiple levels and multiple directions o 1974, knowledge about homosexuality was reevaluated o homosexuality was taken out of the DSM o Went from being a mental disorder to not a mental disorder but had stigma surrounding it o Still pressure to be closeted o Doctors and researchers exercised their power to put homosexuality into the DSM and take it out  Power Knowledge Truth o Those who have power have the ability to produce knowledge and because they are experts their knowledge is taken as truth  Lobbyists put forward claims for same-sex marriage o What is important is what is taken as truth o Power is everywhere and no where o Power is embodied o Something people exercise o Its relational  Maryville Rape Case o Studenville, rape case o 13-14 year old girl named daisy goes to a party at a older guys house (senior high school) o He and his friends and her and her friends o She consumes copious amounts of alcohol o They are dragged to the bedrooms and raped o 14 year old raped by a 17 year old o They drive her home, she is passed out (Missouri) o Dump her in the snow o Mother takes her to the hospital o Fill charges at the sheriffs within four hours o The video was “lost” o The school football player is a four term state representative, claims he was not involved with the charges being dropped o Daisy is driven out of her community o She is bullied so badly o She harms herself, tries to take her own life o House is burnt down 6 months later o Hackers hack the guys facebook account o If he doesn’t pursue these charges they will make his life a living hell o Victim blaming o Back into pressing charges now  Multiple shifts of power  Moves between entitities  Where there is power, there is resistance This Week: How systems of oppression overlap  Heterosexism, racism, classism, sexism
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