HIST 122 Lecture Notes - New Imperialism, Military Technology, Geopolitics

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Published on 13 Apr 2013
Queen's University
HIST 122
New imperialism: 1800-1914
- England 50 colonies
- France 33 colonies
- Germany 13 colonies
- US 6 colonies
- Netherlands 4 colonies
- Russia and Italy and Spain 3 colonies
- Japan and Portugal 2 colonies
- Belgium 1 colony
New imperialism features…
- Decline of the Qing and Ottoman Empire
- Nationalist sentiments
- Industrialization
- Maritime knowledge
- Global interconnectedness trade and migration
- Hegemony, ideology and racism
- Anti-colonial nationalism
New imperialism: phases
- sub imperialism
- Transition phase
- High imperialism
Sub-imperialism: Traders and settlers
- Two models: trading and settler colonies
Settler colonies:
Massive migrations
- Extension of civil and political liberties
- Eventual eclipse of the colonizer
Transitions: unequal trade
- Economic penetration
Ex. The British in china
The first opium war (1839-1841) coastal occupation
High imperialism
- Projection of the nation- state
- Extension of European civil war
- Modern weaponry
- Knowledge
Formal and informal Imperialism
- Imperialism of military might formal imperialism
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