HIST 122 Lecture Notes - Commodity Fetishism, Fredric Jameson, State Capitalism

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Published on 15 Apr 2013
Queen's University
HIST 122
Surveillance Society and the One-Dimensional Man
I. The Age of Late Capital
The Stages of Late Capital
Fredric Jameson
o 3 phases
o For each phase, particular technologies
o Cultural impacts
1. Market Capitalism steam power realism
2. Monopoly Capitalism combustion motors modernism
post 1880s/1890s
3. Consumer Capitalism elections postmodernism
Elements of the Age of Late Capital
Rejection of Victorian standards
Rejection of realism
Rejection/questioning of hierarchy
Questioning of convention
Questioning the meaning of marriage and sexual norms
Questioning religious puritanism
Ending the separation between serious and popular culture
Rejections of racism and social oppression
Narrative in the Age of Late Capital
Criticisms of empiricism?
Significance is a judgment of the historian
Research agenda is never neutral
Impossible to write narrative using only empiricism
Metanarratives in the Age of Late Capital
Jean-Francois Lyotard
o Living in an age where we are suing science as a metanarrative
o Science = truth
Science as metanarrative
Metanarrative and power structure
A Copy Without an Original
Jean Beudrillard
Copies without originals
Death of the real
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