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Lecture 13

HIST 122 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Protectionism

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HIST 122
Awet Weldemichael

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History 122 Week 13
Wednesday, January 6, 2015
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10% comparative essay (due January 27th)
10% Essay on Of Kings and Bandits (due February 24th)
10% seminar participation (including map quiz)
20% final exam
week 2: new modes of production
week 3: Protectionism, Imperial Rivalries, Colonialism
week 4: Arms Race to the League of Nations
week 5: Great Depression to the U.N.
week 6: Onset of the Cold War in the West and Continuation of Hot wars in the rest
week 7: READING WEEK (no class)
week 8: Cold War—almost nuclear (film)
week 9: Afro-Asian Decolonization and the frustrations of independence
week 10: Latin America (dictatorships to an economic powerhouse)
week 11: End of Cold War and clash of civilizations (Middle East)
week 12: War on Terror