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Lecture 6

HIST250 Lecture 6 p 4.docx

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HIST 250
Laura Carlson

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Byzantium under Iconoclasm (754-787)
Widespread Destruction of Images?
oSupport for Policy
Response throughout the Mediterranean
oWestern Europe
The End of Iconoclasm (parts I&II)
oIrene & the 2nd Council of Nicaea (787)
Blinds Son– to “disqualify” him as emperor
oActs of the Council
Justification of Veneration
Incarnation of Christ
Creation of a “Cult of Images”
oTemporary Revival of Iconoclasm (815-843)
2nd Golden Age of Byzantine Art
Macedonian Renaissance (9th-10th c.)
oRestoration of icons/images
oDevelopment of Independent Byzantine manuscript style
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