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Scientific Revolution II

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HIST 121
Richard Bailey

Scientific Revolution IIUpgrading Science for the Modern Mind26112012164300December ExamThe exam will be written in Dupuis Auditorium this lecture hall on Friday Dec 7 at 9 AM and is administered by the entire Hist121 teaching teamThe structure of the examtwo sections Politics and Ethics is the first section and Religion Science Philosophy is the second section There are three or four questions with menus of thinkers in each section and you must choose one question from each section to answer You must engage four thinkers in each section and eight overall of which one can be repeated in which case seven thinkers overall as long as you do not repeat the same material in your discussions of the repeated thinker You will be allowed to use two of your four thinkers in each answer from the same week The goal is for you to get as broad a representation of the thinkers in the course as possible and avoid too narrow a focus I will have the thinkers for each week posted on powerpoint throughout the examAllot about one hour for each question and give yourself the final hour to review your answerTrain yourself when studying to think comparatively within the broad themes I have given you First situate your thinkers withineach theme there will be some thinkers who fit in more than onetheme and then compare and contrast within that themeThinkersCopernicus 14731543Brahe 15461601Bacon 15611626Galileo 15641642Kepler 15711630Descartes 15961650Pascal 162362Locke 16321703Newton 16421727Hume 17111776
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