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HIST 121
Ana Siljak

Lecture Monday Oct 22nd Week 7 The Renaissance: Petrarch and Christine de Pisan Defining the Renaissance - Shift away from medieval scholasticism towards humanism (humanismus: studia humanitas) - Characteristics include worldly activity, human potential, and revival of classical learning -Rebirth of the interest and outlooks of human potential - Heavily influenced by the Christian fall therefore think incapable of changing world for the better only god is capable Thomas Moore represents renaissance thinking-revival of classical learning and a rebirth of examining the capabilities of human beings The Rebirth - of classical civilization - the renaissance introduced the study of what came before, an interest in the ancient world - rebirth through the discovery of Ciceroian Latin, his was stylistically different (often called Church Latin) much simpler - many works were being restored for circulation Humanism -liberal arts like poetry, rhetoric, grammar - essentially a cultural program which appealed to classical antiquity -return to ancient sources, different sources than the scholastics (found their works pointless for trying to harmonize Christian ideology ) - humanists were critiques of scholastics they wanted to be more historically, literary based - instead of Aristotle they used Homer, and Cicero Humanism vs. Scholastics - humanism was grammar and literary based - based on ancient scripture of Hebrew and Greek thought interest in the integrity of the writing - the Donation of Constantine - written by drunken priest to criticize the claims of popes , criticized language used during time period, want for superior text in order to proclaim superiority - Scholastics were using inferior texts, authority was called into question, only humanists could understand the ancient languages, therefore they argued that scholastics couldn't fully understand the meaning of texts without knowing who to translate 1453- Eastern Roman Empire falls and Greek scholars flee to Italy - in Italy set up renaissance centers of learning (the Florentine academy with the study of Greek at its focus) - which will allow students to trump the scholastics because they can't read Greek - John Salisbury, one of the great humanists - In order to understand text one must understand the history, language, and culture contexts - Scholastics wanted logical system o
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