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Lecture 4

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Queen's University
HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Lecture 4 Research paper proposal due end of next week - Proposal is not graded, but mandatory Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - Research topicsare on the first few weeks of class thisterm 6:33 PM - The purposeof the research essay is whether you or able to form a research paper and findappropriate sources. This week… IdeologicalTools: - Understand the nature of New Imperialismand its various ideologicaland technological underpinnings CivilizingMission: - Consider several case studies, especiallythat of the British in India, and the "scramble for Africa" - Used to convincethemselves and also the local coloniststhat they were doingthe "uncivilized"a - Evaluate some of the legacies and consequences of something… great deed - William Carey: Constantly pushedthe Britishgovernment to open schoolsin colonies over seas to educate the native population Part 1: Understanding Imperialism - Lord William Bentinck:Was instrumental to stoppingmany native traditions(some for good reason) Imperialism:Old and New ○ The practice of burninga widow with her dead husband, for example - What defines Imperialism?What is its purpose? ○ Findingnatural resources Summingup: New Imperialism ○ Defeating political enemies Internal reasons: ○ Pursuit of wealth - Diversity of culturesand languages ○ By definition, involves territorial expansion - Technologygap - Ethnicstrife ○ Pursuit of glory ○ Dominationand loss of sovereignty
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