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History 122 Notes

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HIST 122
Greg King

Industrial Revolution 442013 120300 PM Defining the Industrial Revolution What is was notNot the beginning of industrializationNot the beginning of factoriesNot the beginning of innovation Not the beginning of economic growthIt was a change in the degree of changeA fundamental discontinuity Timeframe thth mid late 18 century to early mid 19 centurySecond Industrial Revolution Defining the processSeries of major tech innovations didnt happen over night small scalesNew modes of transportation things become quicker world becomes smaller more interconnectionsA factorybased economy Accelerated structural change in tech economy and societyRevolutionized the economy of the West and the eventually the rest of the world Inventions and innovations 1 Advances in broad frontsIron smeltingcottonsources of powerTextile metallurgy mining transport agriculture and power production ImplicationsIf you change something another thing is going to be changeAuto feedback loop2 Two clusters of inventionsa before 1733 Newcomen engine flying shuffleb after 1768 Jenny water frame Watts engine seed drill etc Other Innovationschemicals alkalis and chlorineMachine making toolsIncrease production because of the machines that were createdPaper IndustryGas lightingRoad buildingBridgesFood canning matchsticks safety lamps lawn mowers vaccinations etc Initial ImpactInitially very limited impact on the economy from 1760 to 1800 only 02 increase in per capita incomeFinancial constraints due to rapid population expansion and new wars and taxesEnd of independent producersHarshness of industrial lifeSqualid industrial townshigh mortalityPoverty vs wealth juxtapose New tiny houses were built for the industrialized families Emergence and Process Conditions at the outsetSignificant rise in populationOccupational specialization crafts specializedNew navigational techBanking systems and financial institutionsWhy BritainSingle reason theoriesTraditional agrarian structures in continentDifferences in English characterHartwells continuation theoriesEcological and economic theories Ecological and economic explanationsCoal depositsIron OreColonies abroadExpansion of marketNew sources of fundingInnovationsBattle of Plassey16901756 East India Company was trying to get a foot hold of IndiaVictory England 17 ships of silver were shipped to London and this money helped the Industrial RevolutionCaribbean PlantationsPublished a bookCapitalism and Slavery
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