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Lecture 3

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HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Lecture 3 Monday, January 28, 2013 4:16 PM 19th Century Global Migrantions 1. Understanding Migration: - Ubiquity - Migration as agents of change of culture, ideas, tech - change because of internal problems, interactionswith environment,and interaction with other cultures - Connection through migration - Long range historical cases Types of migration - Involuntary migration (slaves, convicts, etc) - Voluntary migrations (traders, labourers, etc) Patrick Manning: ``Four types of migration through history 1. Home-communitymigration: one house to another, etc 2. Colonization:one country establishes country somewhereelse. 3. Whole communitymigration (seasonal, permanent): nomads, etc 4. Cross communitymigrations: moveto another part of the world where there is a host society. Conjuction: 1. Emancipation of slavery and mass migration 2. Industrial revolutionand global migration Abolition, implementing freedom: - Problem:After slaves leave, who works? ○ "What can convince them except compulsion" ○ "Freedom in six equal parts" > work six days a week, paid on one day, buy freedom for each day, etc ○ "Starve them out of idleness" ○ From slaves to apprentices (adapted as policy- > deceptive peace) Dam tiefs and ol rouses: - The system - The reason behind - Planter's cause (work) - metropolitancause (could turn violent) - Abolitionists (hated it, got it removed) New monstrosities: - Taxes for rent -> Debt - New rules for mothers => Forced to go work day after childbirth - Rules for women => Work for masters, workhouseswith treadmills etc. - Freed from apprentices Experimentswith labour: - Indentured labourers from Africa - Other sources: Portugal, Germany, Java, China, India Industrialization and migration: - Unprecedented multi-lateral dispersal - New forms
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