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HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Lecture WWII Tuesday, March 5, 2013 6:31 PM Meanwhile in East Asia… - Militarism and Aggression in Japan Plan this week: - Prelude to War ○ Sept 1931, Japanese invades Manchuria  The first act of war since WWI - The road to War: The rise of the Nazi party - The course and nature of the War ○ Withdrew from League of Nations in 1933 - Holocaust ○ Invades China in July 1937 ○ Taken over Beijing and Shanghai by Nov. 1937 - The end of War ○ Given order "Burn all, steal all, kill all" ○ December 1937 - March 1938 - Rape of Nanjing  Killed about 400,000 unarmed people in Nanjing, collected heads to see who killed most  Did not spare the Buddhists WWI: The very basic facts - Global warfare between 1939 and 1945  Lined people up next to pits and shot them down with machine guns, so they fell into - pits, and were covered with dirt Between 60 and 78 million people killed - Fought between the Axis and Allied powers  Tore babies in half ○ Germany, Italy, Japan
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