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Lecture 11

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HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Announcements: Lecture 11 - Final exam Tuesday, April 2, 2013 ○ Bring identity card 6:32 PM ○ Section number and section instructor's name ○ PowerPoint slides Start with a story Exam review - Three blind men and the elephant Format of the exam: - Part 1 (30%) Goals this week: ○ Identify and explain the historical significance of three of the following five figures or events = Explore the conditions of late modernity as outlined by recent philosophers - Part2 (40%) = Undersatnd the emergence of a global surveillance society and explore its implications ○ Write an essay based on the meaning, impact and historical signifcance of the following = Interrogate the idea of the One Dimensional Man and its implications processes, ideas, concepts, or technologies. You will have to answer one question of four choices in this part of the examination The plan… - Part3 (30%): Write about the historical role of three of the following six topics/processes/concepts - The age of late capital - Part4(bonus) - Surveillance society ○ Write a paragraph about the image chosen from the images shown in class - The One-Dimensional man ○ Up to 5 bonus marks if the context is correctly identified - Exam review Knowing the exam format further… - Lok at part years' exams The Age of Late Capiltal - Follow the study guide ○ Nothing not on the study guide will be on the exam The stage of capitalism… - Fredric Jameson How to study for the exam: ○ Divide into three parts of capitalism - Review major themes first and them follow the study guide 1. Market Capitalism: A market becoming increasingly free dictated the terms of capitalism in an age - Review, and retrieve where steam power was the dominant and new form of industry ○ Review, then put away your study guide, then retrieve what you studied by asking yourself 2. Monopoly Capitalism: An age marked by combustion motors where the dominant form of industry is questions to build memory. modernism. ○ You don't know what you know until you have retrieved from your own memory 3. Consumer Capitalism: Overwhelmingly living in a state of capitalism driven by consumer culture where ○ Read alone. Only after you think you have mastered it, imagine a crowd and 'teach'. Speak the core technology is electronics. Described as post-modernism. about what you understood. Think and imagine you are teaching that to a group of people. This will reveal gaps in your knowledge. Elements of the age of late capital - Think of concrete examples (if applicable) for each key term/concept - Rejection of Victorian standards - Integrate - lectures and readings*** ○ What was held as important in the early Victorian times are rejected. - Sensitivity to time periods ○ Realism rejected ○ Will not ask to remember precise dates, but have some sense of when things happened. ○ Hierarchy rejected ○ Convention questioned Exam day: ○ Marriage and sexual norms questioned - Bring ID cards - ○ Religious Puritanism rejected Answer booklet: Write section number and your seminar instructor ○ Serious and popular culture - Time management: ○ Racism and social oppression rejected by society - Answer the question in the essay section. Do not just write what you have prepared. The Narrative of the age of late capital - Criticisms of empiricism? How to answer the questions: ○ Since the 1960s and 70s. Part 1: Identification - Identify the context. Who/when/where/what - Significance is a judgement of the historian - Research agenda is never neutral - Accuracy and approximate identifications - Impossible to write narrative using only empiricism - Provide relevant historical details ○ Why are we talking about this? What is its contribution? Metanarratives in the age of the late capital - Explain the historical significance. - 300 years ago, if you were writing history, you were more likely to have been writing from a position of belief in God and therefore the rationalization process that deciphered the data came from this belief. Historians now may believe in God, but they do not often inhabit this problem space - Indian revolt: - Scientific consciousness (method) guides the web of narrative we weave together from the data. Since the 19th ○ Context century, our belief in objective knowledge through scientific method have shaped our view. ○ What happened in revolt - Jean-Francois Lyotard ○ Lasting significance ○ He observed that we are living in an age where we are using science as a metanarrative.  "Science is unfallable" How to write the essay:  Science and truth become synonymous - Not an article. ○ Incredulity - Write it around a thesis (argument) ○ We question not only authority, but the very basis of our very world view. - The intro paragraph: ○ The power struction that dictates the way society functions endorses these metanarratives. ○ What are you going to do in this essay? (Thesis) ○ How do you plan to say it (directional statement) A copy without an original… What is a thesis: - Jean Baudrillard ○ We have finally reached an age where we have copy of things for which there are no originals Not a topic. Not going to say what you are going to talk about as the thesis.  There are not originals that are better than others Not a fact. You are not going to say "until 1860s, Child labour was rampant in England"  Buy a book, or CD, it's the same as everyone else's Not an opinion which is untestable  Age of simulacrum It is a historical statement that makes an observation on the process of thing you are trying to explain. Your own take on what you understand that process to be. Liquid modernity… - Zygmunt Bauman "Given that Japan was already militarily defeated, the United States dropped bombs to prevent ○ We are physically and intellectually nomadic Russians from taking over Japan with communism" ○ Rootless ○ Liquid love Ho
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