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Lecture 2

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Queen's University
HIST 122
Amitava Chowdhury

Semester 2 Week 2 Hist 122Abolitionism as a Global ProcessI Overview of slavery and abolition Early Modern Slavery A quick tourAtlantic slave tradeAfrican slavery took off because Africans were highly militarizedPortuguese desire to control Western coast of Africa for trade o Either circumnavigate Africa to reach Asia o OR to establish ports on west coast of Africa Portuguese also desire more land for sugar caneAfrican society itself was centered around slaveryAt this time slavery is evaporating from EuropeAfricans offered to give slaves rather than land to Portuguese to grow sugarThis exchange takes off with trade of guns metal and other goodsMajority of slaves from West AfricaSlave snatching done most of the time by Africans themselves o Slave trading hubs in W AfricaExporting happened on W coastExchange of goods happened in forts on W coastVicious gunslave trade cycle o More gunsmore slaves Slaves kept in hull of boat chained together o Were not allowed to move 50 of slaves died originally but mortality decreased in later years45 million Africans died in Middle Passage1415 million Africans transported to the New World th By 18 century 60000 slaves were exported per year50 reached Caribbean33 to Brazil12 to Central and S America5 to USAMost of the slaves who reached the US were not the bestBest slaves went to CaribbeanKept in barracks in New WorldSlaves sold secretly as well as publicallyMany worried about slaves and spread of smallpoxSold on slave markets as wellSlaves in the New WorldEmployed on plantations household slaves artisans if skilledSlaves in the South US had better lives than those in Caribbean
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